Is there only one way to be smart?
Other person is great at math, but can’t spell
Some can memorize everything easily, does that make them smart?
I had completed my education, but I felt like I was missing something

There were those pop-quiz days, other children would be marking their tests
I sat and wondered if I had missed a day or something
I remember images, I remember faces
I may pass someone on the street and then recognize them months later

I have friends who were good in school, but I wonder about their life skills
I know people who never got less than an A
but can’t seem to make their mind up about life issues
I admired some of them because they are good in following orders and I’m not

There are a wide variety of everything
Many different types of rocks, mammals, and smarts
One person can remember all of the state capitals, others know how to bake
We know, life would be less without either one

For me, everything comes down to rainbows
In everything, all colors of the rainbow are represented
We all have our own way of looking at things
All points of view are helpful in one way or another

If someone pushes their intelligence on you
Be smart enough to understand that it’s not knowledge but imagination
Be smart enough to think that life is not a competition
Smile and forgive them


45 thoughts on “Rainbow”

  1. Exactly, every person is differently blessed and every mind is unique store of facts, experiences,events, etc. Loved the way you wrote it in comparison to the vivid colours of rainbow. I would love you to follow my blog, may be you would find it as good as I found yours. 🙃LOVE🙃

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  2. “Be smart enough to think that life is not a competition.” These are some powerful and truthful words- so significant especially in the era of social media we live in🧡

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  3. Wow, 915 followers…you have made an impression young lady. I will venture more through your journeys to see what else you’ve shared.
    It’s fun being simple, and you’ve generated a feeling of simplicity through this post.
    Purely marvelous. Thank you for visiting mine.

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  4. This posts projects your great realization ma’am Nish and you’ve got the whole of that rainbow at the right time. Congratulations! Now your posts are really blooming ma’am. It always get me satisfied after I finish reading your last line…!!!
    -Bhutan; more then just your blog follower…

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  5. We all have our own clock…
    In life it is not about the destination and how much we achieve.
    It is about the journey and how we leave footprints in peoples’ hearts and lives.

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