I’m Lost

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

How do you know if the Universe is telling you something or you’re just hearing voices?
How to find out in which of your gut instincts are right?
Are your feelings something you should act on or keep quiet?
I’m not in a field where I can see a path. Some fields have clearly marked paths and directions, a life where I’m currently attached does not.

When living a life, I think we have to go where you feel you should go.
There’s a confusion in freedom.
So many times over the years I’ve felt like quitting. When I feel lost in my field, I admire the fields that come with directions, but whenever I find myself contemplating, I run away.

In the early dark hours of the day, I feel the most lost and unsure.
There is so much inside of me that wants to come out.
They are waiting for me to have time, energy and eager to get them. But so much of my life is spent doing the same thing.
So much energy goes into worry, So much of my focus just goes into whatever exist as currently.

The projects I may never get to surround me.
My projects continue to wait while I stay busy.
My field has no path. I just wander around in it hoping I’m doing it right.



27 thoughts on “I’m Lost”

  1. Thank you sharing. I enjoyed reading this post because it involved real talk. I invite you to soar…be happy…take risks…don’t put life off.

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      1. Great! When you complete it, I would appreciate to hear your thoughts. And please be mindful that the writings on the blog supplement the book. Blessings to you this Easter weekend.


  2. I am 51 years old but remember that, in my 20s, I finally made an observation that my first instincts should not be ignored; they were often proven later to have been better courses than the ones that I had followed. So, one I took this to heart, I began to make better choices. Thanks for posting. By the way, you might find my book useful in the context of this topic.

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  3. It’s 7:00a.m by my watch here in Bhutan and this poem is just wow! It really pulls me to dwell in the world of poems and love the abysmal of poetry. Thank you for sharing ma’am Nish.
    _love from your follower of Bhutan🤗

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  4. Nicely written! Writing whatever you’re feeling right now is one of the best ways to ease the pain of what you are going through at the moment.I love your writing style, keep it up.

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