My Christmas Tree Is Up


My Christmas tree is finally up! Another 4 days to go and Yey!!! It’s Christmas!


Normally I put up my Christmas tree in the midst of November but due to hectic and busy schedule from work and households chores, I didn’t have time to put up my Christmas tree.

Last Friday, my husband couldn’t wait to see our Christmas tree being set up. Hence, we quickly put up!

Here’s my Christmas tree being light up on the first day.

old tree

Initially, I decorated my tree with only gold ornaments. Yes, anything with gold.
I find it nice, with only one color.

However, my gold ornaments are not much and I feel it’s not enough and it doesn’t look nice.

I don’t feel like buying now as It’s only a few more days to go and it’s Christmas already then after few days “New Year” and I have to take it down.

Ok back to decorating my Christmas tree, I found red poinsettia and combined with my gold ornaments.



Now my tree looks merrier after adding the red poinsettia. Isn’t look amazing?!

I also moved my tree beside my three-panel window because I feel it’s being suffocated from the place where it was before.

Now I’m happy, I feel Christmas already!!


I want to take this opportunity to greet all my readers a Merry Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year!!

I wish you all happy and enjoy this festive season with your loved ones!




Giethoorn, Netherlands

Giethoorn has such a simple beauty that it hardly seems real. A bohemian canal, small wooden bridges, vivid flowers and pretty thatched-roof farmhouses and a fairytale-like garden. I felt like I was in a completely different time period! It was absolutely stunning!





Giethoorn Village known as “the Venice of the North”, a magical Village in the Netherlands with no roads available but canals instead. The waterways or canals are the roads as it were.


A waterfront village located in the Dutch province of Overijssel and its 110km from Amsterdam. If driving will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


This place has about 2,620 citizens who live in thatched-roof cottages. Many of these homes are hidden among the trees and wooden bridges. These homes are connected by small rivers, a bike path and 176 wooden arch bridges as it’s the only way to reach many houses, other than by boat.


The only way to navigate most of the town is by boat. Even the postman still delivers mail to local residents by boat.


To explore the villages of canals and thatched-roof houses, you must either walk, cycle or ride a boat.


If you opt to explore around the village by boat, there are environmentally friendly whisper boats that can be hired. Whisper boats are open for rental which equipped with silent electric motors.

There are bikes to rent too if you want to explore the village on land.

The village is quite small. You could see everything in just a few hours but if you’d like to stay overnight, or even longer, there are several hotels and bed & breakfasts to choose from.

Cruising on the canals & lake is an unforgettable experience. Well worth a visit.

We were so thankful to have Cherry as our tour guide during this trip to Giethoorn. She’s very friendly and passionate about making the experience perfect for everyone, she speaks English fluently too.

Me and my husband with Cherry holding the wine glass and Pier our tour driver.

Highly recommended Cherry Travel & Tours if you want to visit this fairytale place.

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Horrible weather.. but we have great friends and great lunch today!
You’ll notice we’re all wearing red, yes and we’ve purposely picked red as today is our 1st  lunch together after Chinese New Year!! See, we’re celebrating CNY together even though it’s way too late from the actual day of celebration.


We should always be grateful to all the people who are always there and support us all the way.

Hence, I would just like to thank all of the characters in my life for playing their roles so well.My life would be so boring without you!  Thank you! Thank you!!  谢谢!!

Celebrate what you will, while I celebrate you!

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Another New Week Begins

12596458_10207881271657077_1023758439_n                         Me and Aileen before eating my favorite Porky..


It’s Monday and another new week begins. Another chance to be you. You have made it this far in your lifetime, let’s see what you do with it. Let’s see what stories you leave behind for history. Let’s see how people are affected by your presence today. I heard one saying that people may not remember what we say, but how we make them feel.

I agree. How will you make people feel today? I’m having lunch with a friend of mine today. I want her to feel companionship and enthusiastic to continue, and that’s what she’ll help me to connect to. It’s an ancient tradition. When pictures of you are old and crumbled, somewhere someone will know the stories of how you made people feel. While you’re going through this day, remember that you are writing your legacy. Make it a great one.


Oops this is also before, sorry there was no picture captured after as we are full until we have forgotten………………………..;)

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My Wish For You


What I wish for you? I wish you all wonderful things. I wish you everything that you want or need. I wish you smiles that are real, hugs that ground your soul, animals that help you stay in the now, ideas that make you excited, skies that make you wonder, colors that draw you in. Is life more because of a diamond or ruby, well no, but if they make you happy, I’ll wish for some of those too. I want you to lift your head and to enjoy being alive. I want you to realize how unique and wonderful you are. You know life is ticking. Those things you want to do will have to be done before you go, so don’t put them off. I wish for you a Friday that’s fun and memorable. That’s what I send out to you this morning, as I know you wish it for me too.

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Photo by Hannah Rodrigo on Unsplash

It’s one thing to be with others and it’s another thing to be with yourself. We don’t see us much, do we? In photographs or in the mirror, we see snippets of who we are. We see our clothes on the floor, our dishes in the sink, but we don’t see ourselves moving through time like we see others. We see other people’s faults easy enough, but our own can stay hidden from us for a lifetime. I think that’s why we need friends. We need the people around us to help us know who we are. You have to find a voice that shows you a good view of yourself. Friends who encourage your growth, who are with you on your journey also help you to see who you are to others. Animals seem to know who the good people are. They gravitate towards the warm and loving people. The warmth inside of you helps to warm others. Take a look at yourself today through the eyes and actions of the folks around you. If cats and dogs seem to like you, I’d say you’re on the right track. You started as a baby and now you are a grownup. What you’ll be remembered as depends on what you do next.

Happy Thursday!!

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