Morning Thoughts

Now there’s the even more fun exercise of the wait and anticipation on whether or not my choices are worth it. Exciting times.

My husband had an emergency meeting at 3:00 pm in KLCC the other day but since public holiday I insisted to followed him and wait until he finished his meeting. I was just walking around to see see and look look🤣 went Zara, Topshop from LG to Level 4, then went down again still seeing looking, thought of watching Detective Pikachu but saw the time it’s almost 5:00 pm, Shan will be coming out from his office soon. Nah, forget it.

I went inside Stadium and saw champion sweatshirt🤗, the white looks good but they only have L size. I brought that L size with me to try but unfortunately, that’s not my size. Went back to the place where they hang all the Champion merchandise. Saw got another one with a hoodie but I don’t like it.

I walked out again and felt my leg hurts. I need to find a place to seat and I remember the Starbucks, yes Starbucks I can seat there while waiting for Shan. I walked around 600 meters, from end to another end, finally Starbucks!! Ordered my favorite SHC, then finally sat.

Took Ziggy out from my bag, I looked at him and smile, Ziggy smile back!🤣
That time was 6:00 pm.
Took some photos of Ziggy, play
Tsum Tsum on my phone for a while and browse facebook, finished my drink, then I left Starbucks.

Went down to see Zara again, nothing new still the same. Went out and start walking again, took the escalator 1, 2, 3, 4 until I reached Stadium for the second time. Saw another staff arranging the Champion merchandise I asked him whether they have the white sweatshirt with the smaller size, me trying my luck “don’t have Miss, that’s the last one” he responded quickly. 🙈
Checked the time was 6:30pm,
WhatsApp Shan, still not done?
No reply, so I started walking again this time I just simply walked, just walk. Checked my phone, finally, Shan asking where am I, so I replied him ground floor now walking down to LG towards Zara, then I saw him.

He asked what I did and told everything🤣🤣
The terrible part was, he insisted to go back to Stadium, it means from LG to Level 4. Gladly, this time we took the lift. 🤗

I showed him the sweatshirt and I noticed the staff kept smiling, (obviously he remembered me)
My husband asked him to check if there’s any other branch has a smaller size. The staff came back and say all out of stock.

Hence, my husband asked me to try that L size again and after trying, He said it’s just nice. 🤣🤣

To end my story short, I managed to get what I wanted and I have completed my 5km walkathon with Ziggy. Since today is public holiday again, I’m gonna sleep the whole lot of it.😍



1000+ Followers! Thank You All!!


I’m happy to say I’ve reached another milestone of 1000+ blog followers. Hence, I want to thank every single one of you for following me.

I feel privileged to be a part of this WordPress Bloggers community.
I remember the day when I start blogging and there were no followers on my site, I didn’t even imagine that I will get more than 1000 followers. This is amazing!

Thanks to those who gave the thumbs up and took an effort to share their comments on my post. It helps and encourages me to continue blogging.

Thank you so much for being so supportive and for those heading towards their goal. Keep blogging!


I’m Lost

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

How do you know if the Universe is telling you something or you’re just hearing voices?
How to find out in which of your gut instincts are right?
Are your feelings something you should act on or keep quiet?
I’m not in a field where I can see a path. Some fields have clearly marked paths and directions, a life where I’m currently attached does not.

When living a life, I think we have to go where you feel you should go.
There’s a confusion in freedom.
So many times over the years I’ve felt like quitting. When I feel lost in my field, I admire the fields that come with directions, but whenever I find myself contemplating, I run away.

In the early dark hours of the day, I feel the most lost and unsure.
There is so much inside of me that wants to come out.
They are waiting for me to have time, energy and eager to get them. But so much of my life is spent doing the same thing.
So much energy goes into worry, So much of my focus just goes into whatever exist as currently.

The projects I may never get to surround me.
My projects continue to wait while I stay busy.
My field has no path. I just wander around in it hoping I’m doing it right.


Welcome to this marketplace of ideas, where brain puke is merrily-peddled!

I sat in my car for less one and half hour yesterday watching the “Presidential Debate” from start to finish, intently, by myself, with no distractions.

And today I read through loose transcriptions, adaptations, and notes of the proceedings.

I just cannot seem to get what the multitude have. I simply cannot see any glimmer of brilliance in his discourse. At most they were mere motherhood statements, generalizations meant to impress with populist epithets– that in truth, if you listened to with discernment, utterly failed to answer the question and merely repeated the same. At best he was amusing, needed in a debate perhaps, full of sound and fury– signifying nothing. I may be going senile. First, trying to hitch his wagon to Senator Miriam, maybe in fear of being slain by her sharp tongue and brilliance, so tries to curry favor with her early on and avoid the trained sharp-shooting crosshairs of her aim. Or perhaps in panic on a nationwide Presidential Debate stage, his thoughts couldn’t help wander off to the speaker who spoke immediately prior to him and include her in his opening statement. Either way, not very brave.

Second, motherhood statements with no clear platform on how, ah, yes 3 to 6 months, and then? Third, lack of foresight, fresh ideas, and creative problem solving, this is nothing new, of course we all know drugs, corruption, and criminality are ruining the nation. Duh? It bears not stressing every time the tongue speaketh.

Third, simplistic generalization again ‘give me 3 to 6 months’, oh okay.

(Well that’s par for the course for him, the usual. Nothing new, no innovation, no new ideas, nothing earth shaking. In other words, no food for thought worthy of an evening’s pause and pondering.)

At the end of the day I was sincerely hoping he’d wow me in this debate but all he did was preach to his choir, the same old choir, the same old sermon, the same old epithets, the same old antics. It does nothing to convert, it draws no new follower to the flock, it opens no new eyes, it just confirms to me that this, what he preaches, is not my church. To me the sermon is full of sound and fury. But that’s just my opinion, my two pennies’ worth, go freely disagree without being disagreeable.

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