On Edge

Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash

I have a dream last night that I can fly, but I still have to walk today
Sleep is a good escape but we always wake up to reality every day
I wake up and looking forward to today
I wake up to see what is the role waiting for me to play

My brain wakes up tired from being so busy all night long
I don’t like running through my head.. over and over this is a sad song
Peace will come in the end, but I can’t wait that long
Calmness and peace of mind that I should belong

Observe and stay peaceful, don’t just dive into the fight
There are times I’m giving it all, but not all times I should know right
Let’s all give ourselves some peace and make this day bright
I will make this day a wonderful day share you might, Oh Fairy I hope will last at least until tonight


Enjoy The Ride

Photo by Yash Raut on Unsplash

Each day is like a carnival ride
You get on and it takes off
You are at the beginning towards the middle
And finally, you pull into the end at the evening

Some rides are terrifying than others
You feel so unsafe and makes you fear that it will break
The only choice is to take a risk and go on with the ride
And you will soon realize, life is a beautiful ride

One day you’re up, the next you’re down
Live it, be happy and enjoy as the ride would never end
Remember, the rides are supposed to be fun
Just raise your hands up in the air, close your eyes and enjoy the ride


Don’t Be Afraid Just Be Yourself

Unhappy Child Sitting On Floor In Corner At Home

Good morning.

As we drink our coffees and take our morning showers, we gather our strength to go out into the world and to be ourselves. Inside our home, we should feel safe to just be, but when we go outside we can feel surrounded by fear and judgment.

Last night I had a dream that I was in a city, looking up at a large deer who was stuck on a rooftop. Antlers and hoofs clacking on the slick roof surface. Some men were trying to get it down safely, but then it happened. I heard a loud “OOOF” as the deer slipped on the roof above me.

I ran to go inside as I saw the deer fall towards the sidewalk. A fall of at least five stories. I looked away as it hit the surface of the sidewalk and parked cars.
I woke up to wonder “WTF!”.

Fear and tension can find you anywhere. Don’t be afraid of the world. You are part of it. Go out there today and be you.
If you see a deer on a rooftop, just know not to stand under it.
Enjoy your day!

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The Real You

Photo by Hai Phung on Unsplash

There are times when I don’t even notice my body at all
I am just thought and action
I just watch my hands do what needs to be done
When I walk down in the staircase, I don’t think about my legs or balance
No, I think of something else and my body is nowhere in my brain

Other times are harder
I sometimes feel like a walking pile of laundry being held up by a tired skeleton
This whole connection to the physical thing comes and goes
Most of the time we are just our spirit
Our, thoughts, feelings and point of view carry us through our years here

Our spirit learns from our experience
We build up life knowledge and get stronger
When you think of yourself you think of your face, but then you know that’s not really you
You are more than that bunch of parts

That nose, that mouth, those eyes, and ears all feed information to you
You are inside of those things
You are the energy experiencing this bit of strange writing

You aren’t physical.
You are spirit using physical
So, don’t get hung up on the outside
Feed your inside better
The real you can’t be seen and it’s beautiful
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