Be The Caring, Nice And Loving


Everyone has more than one personality. Our changes are subject to circumstances or situation. When I’m cranky and depressed, I’m not much fun to be around, but when I’m fecund and happy, I can be a very good company. Sometimes delight If I’m full of breakfast and exasperating right before that. Who we are fluctuating just like time on the earth. When I think about it, everything seems to have some give to it, except death. Someone you consider a jerk, might be someone else’s “Boo-Boo-Dumpling”. or “Sweetie’s face”. When someone is bothersome to me, I try to put myself in their place. Can I understand why they are like this or what made them bothersome? Even someone like Trump, or the people at his rallies. I see them and wonder what happened to them in early childhood that made them…..this way? I wonder about the love in someone’s life when all they do is preach hate. However awful the words coming from their mouths, I remind myself that they are also someone’s child. Someone gave birth to Trump, taught him about the world and life. Someone is behind all of us. Someone who gave us life. Let the person you express be worthy of a big love. If you have a choice about who you are today, be the caring, nice and loving. We all like that one best.

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It’s Friday Again

Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

Another short, fast week of getting things done.

Miss little Ballerina is dancing…

Meanwhile, real life keeps creeping into my “to-do” list…Seems everything needs something. I think I’m making headway in my plans, but I don’t know. We keep so busy, either with tasks or complaining. There’s a lot to do and a lot to complain about. That’s when I check in with my world to make sure I’m not just working hard, but also working smart. Getting to your goal doesn’t necessarily mean breaking yourself down into exhaustion. Sometimes getting closer to your goal just takes a clear head and better aim. Good luck with your life goals. Don’t let mundane tasks keep you in place.

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Welcome Back To The World

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash
This place is full of wonderful amazing things. Love, happiness, creativity, and excitement is all around you and so is difficulty. Every minute of a day on planet Earth finds someone or something in great pain or difficulty.We as humans are able to treat each other badly and we treat animals even worse. Life is brutal and beautiful. There are so many real reasons to get furious every day.
If you allow them to, the problems of the world will pull you down. You could spend your entire life angry and sad about all of the injustices out there but don’t.Being crushed by the weight of the world is a real thing. Yes, it’s our duties to help each other and the planet, but not at the cost of love and peace. Don’t get pulled under by the wrongs in life.

Do what you can about the causes you choose, and remember to give just as much to the things you love. The heart needs to sing.

Know that this place isn’t perfect, fight for what you believe in and save some of you for your life. Put the problems of the world down for a while and let yourself be free.
There is enough bad news in this world to keep you upset for the rest of your life, don’t let it.

Enjoy this day as I am.

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Accept Yourself


Do you look like you think you look? When I look in the mirror, the very first thought has ALWAYS been “No, that’s not it.”

When I see myself I never recognize me. It’s gotten worse as I get older. I just don’t connect to the way I look. Never have. In my mind, I look different. Our sense of self is a tricky thing.

Visuals are so important and I’m the one person in my life that I usually don’t see. Body image, self-image, we decide what we’re seeing. The fashion and cosmetic industries want us to depend on them for our individuality. Billions of dollars are spent on us trying to look the way we want to feel. I have met someone who was a Zumba trainer and just graduating from law school, with a lousy sense of self. She felt worthless and ugly. I was shocked at how wrong her self-image was. I couldn’t blame her as sometimes I felt the same, but I came to the point and realized that I should be kind to myself, accept how we look like and that’s all we need to look like. A good way to be kind to yourself is to remember when getting ready to take shower in the morning, take our glasses off first. Accept ourself and love ourself if we want to be accepted and be loved. Check in with our sense of self.

New year, new attitude.

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This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I believe that there are angels around us. Some are invisible. They hang out and watch you. Others are easily seen and play an active part in your day. I’ve noticed angels before. Some people just stand out as different and special. Some folks just calm you down with a smile.Angels remind us of love and calmness when we’re on fire. When an angel looks into your eyes, it feels like an energy is flowing into your heart. At some point, I’m hoping to be an angel. I want wings and the ability to help. For right now I’m grateful to the angels in my life. The ones I live with, eat dinner with, laugh with. We are all bundles of life energy moving forward. Take the help when it’s offered.Angels have your back.

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