Golden Moments

Photo by Esmee Holdijk on Unsplash 

It’s a bit late, but I just want to share this.
I can’t help but notice that I laughed a lot yesterday. No big deal as Me and my husband was just around some hilarious and fascinating nieces yesterday, doing mundane things and cracking each other up to help pass the time.
Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to take some shots. However, It was lovely.
Those are the hidden golden moments that just happen to themselves, and remind you that life can be fun. I like that.

I hope your golden moments stay with you too.


My Wish For You


What I wish for you? I wish you all wonderful things. I wish you everything that you want or need. I wish you smiles that are real, hugs that ground your soul, animals that help you stay in the now, ideas that make you excited, skies that make you wonder, colors that draw you in. Is life more because of a diamond or ruby, well no, but if they make you happy, I’ll wish for some of those too. I want you to lift your head and to enjoy being alive. I want you to realize how unique and wonderful you are. You know life is ticking. Those things you want to do will have to be done before you go, so don’t put them off. I wish for you a Friday that’s fun and memorable. That’s what I send out to you this morning, as I know you wish it for me too.

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