About Me



Even something that seems silly and frivolous
Positive side, I will still choose
In this life, there are hidden treasures
How you use it, it’s our own choice

I’m sending my love good feelings, my hopes my energy to everyone
I wish you well as I live my life
I’m sending this good vibes
It’s Friday, I will probably hooray tonight!!


On Edge

Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash

I have a dream last night that I can fly, but I still have to walk today
Sleep is a good escape but we always wake up to reality every day
I wake up and looking forward to today
I wake up to see what is the role waiting for me to play

My brain wakes up tired from being so busy all night long
I don’t like running through my head.. over and over this is a sad song
Peace will come in the end, but I can’t wait that long
Calmness and peace of mind that I should belong

Observe and stay peaceful, don’t just dive into the fight
There are times I’m giving it all, but not all times I should know right
Let’s all give ourselves some peace and make this day bright
I will make this day a wonderful day share you might, Oh Fairy I hope will last at least until tonight


Enjoy The Ride

Photo by Yash Raut on Unsplash

Each day is like a carnival ride
You get on and it takes off
You are at the beginning towards the middle
And finally, you pull into the end at the evening

Some rides are terrifying than others
You feel so unsafe and makes you fear that it will break
The only choice is to take a risk and go on with the ride
And you will soon realize, life is a beautiful ride

One day you’re up, the next you’re down
Live it, be happy and enjoy as the ride would never end
Remember, the rides are supposed to be fun
Just raise your hands up in the air, close your eyes and enjoy the ride


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I think this year I will forfeit my New Year’s wish and waive it in favor of those who need their wishes granted more badly, more urgently, hence, for 2018, all I simply wish for is peaceful contentment. And, as far as resolutions go, I will resolve to be less in conflict with my inner self and to have more room for significance in my life.


My Christmas Tree Is Up


My Christmas tree is finally up! Another 4 days to go and Yey!!! It’s Christmas!


Normally I put up my Christmas tree in the midst of November but due to hectic and busy schedule from work and households chores, I didn’t have time to put up my Christmas tree.

Last Friday, my husband couldn’t wait to see our Christmas tree being set up. Hence, we quickly put up!

Here’s my Christmas tree being light up on the first day.

old tree

Initially, I decorated my tree with only gold ornaments. Yes, anything with gold.
I find it nice, with only one color.

However, my gold ornaments are not much and I feel it’s not enough and it doesn’t look nice.

I don’t feel like buying now as It’s only a few more days to go and it’s Christmas already then after few days “New Year” and I have to take it down.

Ok back to decorating my Christmas tree, I found red poinsettia and combined with my gold ornaments.



Now my tree looks merrier after adding the red poinsettia. Isn’t look amazing?!

I also moved my tree beside my three-panel window because I feel it’s being suffocated from the place where it was before.

Now I’m happy, I feel Christmas already!!


I want to take this opportunity to greet all my readers a Merry Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year!!

I wish you all happy and enjoy this festive season with your loved ones!



Oh no! It’s Monday!

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash

My eyes blurry, feel like got some furry

Neck stiff and head feels heavy

I tried to twist and shake but it makes me more groggy

Force myself to get up coz I have to get ready


I drink my coffee and seat on my desk quietly

Forgot it’s hot and burnt my tongue suddenly

Nothing new really, It’s my daily routine and runs continuously

This week will be very busy, workload? No worries baby!



Photo by Jason Ortego on Unsplash

Time to brush off the worries and concerns that kept you up and open your eyes to reality
Let things flow forward naturally
What is real is that you are here in spite of all the difficulty
Don’t ever try to escape by doing something impulsively

There are many challenges and obstacles, sometimes make you feel defeated
Let these experience teach and push you to become matured and well-developed
You will realize that love and cruelty are totally connected
And your reward may come unexpectedly

Shake off the Pixies and Demons that whisper to your ear and tell you that you are nothing
They are quite misleading and temp you to do unnecessary things
Besides all the drama, life loves you and you need to keep fighting
Find something that makes you feel better and make your heart sing

Gone are the voices of doubt! The sun wipes away all the darkness and shines a light
Wake up to the world that loves you and keeps you bright
Use your strengths to help you along on how to fight
Say goodbye to the hunters and hello to the great things in life