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Horrible weather.. but we have great friends and great lunch today!
You’ll notice we’re all wearing red, yes and we’ve purposely picked red as today is our 1st  lunch together after Chinese New Year!! See, we’re celebrating CNY together even though it’s way too late from the actual day of celebration.


We should always be grateful to all the people who are always there and support us all the way.

Hence, I would just like to thank all of the characters in my life for playing their roles so well.My life would be so boring without you!  Thank you! Thank you!!  谢谢!!

Celebrate what you will, while I celebrate you!

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Another New Week Begins

12596458_10207881271657077_1023758439_n                         Me and Aileen before eating my favorite Porky..


It’s Monday and another new week begins. Another chance to be you. You have made it this far in your lifetime, let’s see what you do with it. Let’s see what stories you leave behind for history. Let’s see how people are affected by your presence today. I heard one saying that people may not remember what we say, but how we make them feel.

I agree. How will you make people feel today? I’m having lunch with a friend of mine today. I want her to feel companionship and enthusiastic to continue, and that’s what she’ll help me to connect to. It’s an ancient tradition. When pictures of you are old and crumbled, somewhere someone will know the stories of how you made people feel. While you’re going through this day, remember that you are writing your legacy. Make it a great one.


Oops this is also before, sorry there was no picture captured after as we are full until we have forgotten………………………..;)

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Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

As you get coffeed up and ready to start this day, ask yourself how hopeful do you feel. Do you have high hopes? Are you envisioning a future that you’re working towards? Do you consider yourself a person with hope?

When I was younger I had too much hope. I hoped for all sorts of things. As I got older I began to see the other side of some of my hopes and they slipped away. Lately, I don’t think of myself as all that hopeful.

All I want nowadays is to be left alone and to do my work. I no longer hope for big financial success, Now I see that hope is a trap. Hope, for me, has been replaced by acceptance and gratitude. I accept that my career is what it is and I’m grateful for my gifts, but deep down, I still look for pigs that can fly. Even when I feel crushed by reality and feel that hope is something I used to have…..I find myself ready to believe that someday pigs will fly.

I guess that helps me to continue on a path that others jumped off of years ago. I’m unable to give up. So, I’m gonna finish my coffee and put on my Saturday face and begin that search again for floating pork.

Good luck out there today. If you feel that your hopes are lost, look deeper and up.
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My Wish For You


What I wish for you? I wish you all wonderful things. I wish you everything that you want or need. I wish you smiles that are real, hugs that ground your soul, animals that help you stay in the now, ideas that make you excited, skies that make you wonder, colors that draw you in. Is life more because of a diamond or ruby, well no, but if they make you happy, I’ll wish for some of those too. I want you to lift your head and to enjoy being alive. I want you to realize how unique and wonderful you are. You know life is ticking. Those things you want to do will have to be done before you go, so don’t put them off. I wish for you a Friday that’s fun and memorable. That’s what I send out to you this morning, as I know you wish it for me too.

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Photo by Hannah Rodrigo on Unsplash

It’s one thing to be with others and it’s another thing to be with yourself. We don’t see us much, do we? In photographs or in the mirror, we see snippets of who we are. We see our clothes on the floor, our dishes in the sink, but we don’t see ourselves moving through time like we see others. We see other people’s faults easy enough, but our own can stay hidden from us for a lifetime. I think that’s why we need friends. We need the people around us to help us know who we are. You have to find a voice that shows you a good view of yourself. Friends who encourage your growth, who are with you on your journey also help you to see who you are to others. Animals seem to know who the good people are. They gravitate towards the warm and loving people. The warmth inside of you helps to warm others. Take a look at yourself today through the eyes and actions of the folks around you. If cats and dogs seem to like you, I’d say you’re on the right track. You started as a baby and now you are a grownup. What you’ll be remembered as depends on what you do next.

Happy Thursday!!

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Smooth Sailing My Friends




Once again we stand on the shore of a new day. The waves crash into the rocks as we set our sights on the things we want to accomplish. My heart is still waking up to the morning. My hopes for today are simple and include enjoying its voyage. I’ve stood on the shoreline of a new day so many times, you’d think I would be more confident, but I’m not. I’ve seen big boats go down before my eyes. I’ve seen my friends crash onto the rocks. I know the water can end your story or bring you to the new land. My coffee helps me to grab onto some hope and ride the waves. Good luck on your trip today. Don’t let the Sirens pull you off course. May your waters be calm. Smooth sailing my friends.

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