A Must Have In My Bag When I Travel


Today’s post is “A Must Have In My Bag” which is basically the things that I carry around with me at all times when I’m walking around and exploring a new places or travel. I and my husband is going for a short trip soon and this is what inspired me to write this post and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I am not a frequent traveler by any means, but I’ve traveled enough to the point that I’ve completely listed down the essentials that I must have in my bag when I travel.
I actually don’t like to carry around too much in my bag mostly because I often switching bags and don’t want to deal with the entire transfer process each time because I always packed few bags (at least 3) whenever I travel. So let’s get into it.

Pouch 1: I actually have 2 pouches in my bag one is the pouch where I kept those small things such as band-aids, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, hairbrush and perfume as I don’t like too much clutter to overload my bag.

Pouch 2: My makeup kit. I literally know that I’m not going to be reapplying makeup while I’m walking around except for lipstick as it only takes a few seconds to reapply when it comes off after I eat. However, we never know when we might need it, so I always carry a couple of beauty products with me.


Wallet: This is actually a day to day essentials and I bet you can’t go anywhere without this right? I like small wallet as it can easily fit if I’m using a small bag.

Phone: I bet you also wouldn’t leave your house without this right?!

Power Bank: This is one of the important things that you must have whenever you travel, we never know when we really need it. So just in case your phone running out of battery you still have a backup.

Mint: Bad breath after a meal or a long sleep on a flight/bus is really a turn-off, so we should always have some mints or gum in a bag to smell fresh breath.

Pen: I always kept a pen inside my bag when I travel. Sometimes we need this when there are forms to fill up like the Embarkation Form required upon arrival.

Hair Brush: I’m sure you wouldn’t want your hair to be messed up after few hours sleep on a flight, bus or tube/train right? I love this compact Tangle Teezer brush because the bristles have a little cover on it so it won’t damage any other things inside my bag.

Band-Aids: Always pack this ahead. I remember during our trip to Macau last year. We walked and explored so many places by foot and I developed blisters and can no longer walk around as active as I could. Ended up we had to hunt for drug store just to buy band-aids. So if you are planning on an active vacation or just walking around and exploring, you need to have this always in your bag.

Hand Sanitizer: I’m just trying to be proactive as I can to avoid germs which lead to minor cold after being exposed in a confined space for hours. When soap and water are not available we can use this to kill bacteria and virus present on our skin. Bought this sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.

Perfume: Travel-sized perfume or body spray – you wouldn’t want to smell like the cabin after a long plane ride. So pack your travel size perfume.

Wet Wipes: These works wonder especially for ladies and when you are walking around all day and just want to cool off. Use this to wipe your arms and legs it will help to freshen you up in the middle of the day.

Hopefully, this was helpful and have given you a few ideas of what item you might need to pack and prevent some troubles on your upcoming trip.
If you’ve done this post please don’t hesitate to share it below, I would honestly love to read it.

Much love and thanks for reading!
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