Don’t Be Afraid Just Be Yourself

Unhappy Child Sitting On Floor In Corner At Home

Good morning.

As we drink our coffees and take our morning showers, we gather our strength to go out into the world and to be ourselves. Inside our home, we should feel safe to just be, but when we go outside we can feel surrounded by fear and judgment.

Last night I had a dream that I was in a city, looking up at a large deer who was stuck on a rooftop. Antlers and hoofs clacking on the slick roof surface. Some men were trying to get it down safely, but then it happened. I heard a loud “OOOF” as the deer slipped on the roof above me.

I ran to go inside as I saw the deer fall towards the sidewalk. A fall of at least five stories. I looked away as it hit the surface of the sidewalk and parked cars.
I woke up to wonder “WTF!”.

Fear and tension can find you anywhere. Don’t be afraid of the world. You are part of it. Go out there today and be you.
If you see a deer on a rooftop, just know not to stand under it.
Enjoy your day!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid Just Be Yourself”

  1. What an interesting dream. I really like how you interpreted it. That’s so true though. We can feel so out of place in some situations. But, we need to be comfortable in ourselves and just be us no matter where we are! Be proud to be you! Thanks for sharing this!


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