Never Lose Hope


Here are some of my Barbie collection.
Look at those characters. Each one is different and has something unique about them. That sums up my day too.

Everyone has a character and have something to say.
I believe that things, in general, will work out and that sanity will return to daily life but until it does, you have to admit that it’s like an interesting show.

A few laughs, a few tears, some shocking scenes and unbelievable surprises are in this show. There are villains like all shows do, but too many people are energized to fight back.

I’m hoping for a happy ending. I see a future where we see this as a good turning point. I don’t know how it goes, but I have hope.
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3 thoughts on “Never Lose Hope”

  1. I had to zoom in on your picture and loved to see the different barbies. To think, I thought Barbies were always so “cookie cutter.” I like your variety in your collection! Makes me miss mine! I might need to play Barbies with my daughter today. I will make sure they each have their own personality like your post points out.

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