I’m back

At Grant’s Reserve with it’s towering mountain ash gum trees.

Hi, It’s been a while. Yes, I have been hibernating as I need to clear my mind for all the worries I had lately…
I’m OK now, yes I’m fine… Like these trees…

Being outside in nature sure does give you a new perspective on things. The trees and sky always seem happy. When I stand there and look at all of the beauty and colors. I can’t help to see how stupid we all are. We push and fight for everything, while everything is free here in nature. All of this was grown here like we were. We really are a part of this planet, just like the worms. Life is so short and there is no such thing as “owning”. No one owns those trees. They tend to them, but there is nothing that can own a tree. Humans give each other ideas and tell each other they are facts. I need to check the facts that I’m sure of. So much of what ties us up in knots are man’s designs. Money, success and all of the other things that speed up our dance, are just concepts. Trees aren’t concepts. They don’t know concepts. I want to be more like a tree. Trees don’t try to be something they aren’t. People do that. Just be happy today, like the trees.

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