Where To Start?


Life has so many layers. So many realities play out at once. You are a child in a family, you are a person out on your own. Your past helps design your future, but can also block you from moving forward, if allowed. There’s your spiritual side, your physical side, who you are and whom you would like to grow into. People make assumptions about you from what they see, while you know how much bigger your story is. Is the battle between being good and being bad or is it a battle to just get through it. We have an idea of who we are, but how accurate is that? Life is complicated. Waking up and beginning a day seems easy enough to do, but there’s so much going on. If things like this tumble down on you as you try to begin this day, just remember that you are here because of love. If you move forward in love, the rest will probably work it’self out. Take a deep breath, stand tall and once again express who you are today.


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