Rise And Shine


At Belgrave Puffing Billy Station, Melbourne Australia

I feel so small and insignificant when I wake up. As the sun comes up and I move onto my daily routine of showering and dressing, I start to feel bigger. By the time I leave the house and see other people, I feel stronger and the day seems doable. Our perception of ourselves fluctuates. There are times when we feel so small, that the tiniest of problems can knock us down. At other times we find ourselves flying through something important and difficult as if it were natural. Our sense of who we are and what we can do, depends on our state of mind. Build your mind up. Let it know you are bigger and stronger than it seems. Don’t let life intimidate you. The entire history of your family swims inside of you. Start this day by accepting the fact that you matter. You are a source of love. Be as big as you can today.

Life needs all of the gifts inside of you to come out.
Happy Thursday!



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