The Gift


What if each morning came with an award or gift. “Congratulations!
You’re awake or you’d wake up and find that your pillow has been switched to a big bag of money. “You guys! Thank you!”

The other morning I woke up with the memory of a dream of no ending running as the bus intends to hit me.
It confused me until lunchtime. I like the idea of waking up to a pile of little blue boxes from Tiffany & Co.
Elizabeth Taylor had it in her contract that each day that she came to the set, a gift (Worth a certain amount…) would be waiting for her at her make-up table.

It would be fun to get a present each day, but then…the real lesson in life is that each day is a present.
Each morning is an award for making past yesterday.
Congratulations on making it to today.

Your gift will be sunshine, smiles and the knowledge that life loves you.
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