Welcome to this marketplace of ideas, where brain puke is merrily-peddled!

I sat in my car for less one and half hour yesterday watching the “Presidential Debate” from start to finish, intently, by myself, with no distractions.

And today I read through loose transcriptions, adaptations, and notes of the proceedings.

I just cannot seem to get what the multitude have. I simply cannot see any glimmer of brilliance in his discourse. At most they were mere motherhood statements, generalizations meant to impress with populist epithets– that in truth, if you listened to with discernment, utterly failed to answer the question and merely repeated the same. At best he was amusing, needed in a debate perhaps, full of sound and fury– signifying nothing. I may be going senile. First, trying to hitch his wagon to Senator Miriam, maybe in fear of being slain by her sharp tongue and brilliance, so tries to curry favor with her early on and avoid the trained sharp-shooting crosshairs of her aim. Or perhaps in panic on a nationwide Presidential Debate stage, his thoughts couldn’t help wander off to the speaker who spoke immediately prior to him and include her in his opening statement. Either way, not very brave.

Second, motherhood statements with no clear platform on how, ah, yes 3 to 6 months, and then? Third, lack of foresight, fresh ideas, and creative problem solving, this is nothing new, of course we all know drugs, corruption, and criminality are ruining the nation. Duh? It bears not stressing every time the tongue speaketh.

Third, simplistic generalization again ‘give me 3 to 6 months’, oh okay.

(Well that’s par for the course for him, the usual. Nothing new, no innovation, no new ideas, nothing earth shaking. In other words, no food for thought worthy of an evening’s pause and pondering.)

At the end of the day I was sincerely hoping he’d wow me in this debate but all he did was preach to his choir, the same old choir, the same old sermon, the same old epithets, the same old antics. It does nothing to convert, it draws no new follower to the flock, it opens no new eyes, it just confirms to me that this, what he preaches, is not my church. To me the sermon is full of sound and fury. But that’s just my opinion, my two pennies’ worth, go freely disagree without being disagreeable.


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