Sunday Reminder

St. Paul Cathedral (Melbourne)

Today I woke up and received WhatsApp message from a good friend of mine.

She’s inviting me to go to church with her.
Unfortunately, I can’t as myself and my husband already had planned and I don’t feel comfortable leaving my husband behind as today is Sunday so we should be together.
I feel touch and grateful for this early morning reminder as though God is calling me.
As I’m typing this, I’m at the church with my husband after the homily.
Yes, we’ve decided to go to church. I heard fascinating rhythm you’ve got me on the go, fascinating rhythm I’m all aquiver….

It was so nice as this day starts with music in my ears.
It’s Sunday, the beginning of a new week. Mercury gets out of retrograde soon and a new fun energy begins.

Gone are the vibrations of the past. Gone are the worries and fears of yesterday.
Say hello to a new time of fun and creation.
War can always break out at any moment. Peace can be sidelined by natural disasters.
Things that have never happened before, happen every day.

Take this new energy and run with it. Remember that great things can also happen in an instant. Wonderful parts of your life are waiting to begin.
Don’t be afraid of the unknown. You were once unknown too.
Welcome this new time with an open mind to peace and love.
Sounds corny, but it’s the real goal.

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