Being Loved


It’s tough to wake up on a Saturday morning after the night out. I’ll lay there thinking I should wake up….. Thinking about the coming day….. Thinking about my life, my husband, family and friends, my childhood, my work, pretty much everything passes through my mind when it’s about time to wake up and I still want to sleep. One thing that helps calm my brain down is thinking about hugs. Being held calms us down. Being held helps a baby from crying and it works for me so I thought it will definitely works for adults too. Tenderness will calm us down. I feel like I’m almost ready to experience a day when I remember that I’m loved. Every day has the opportunity to be wonderful or awful. If it’s awful, remember the love in your life and how it feels at it’s best. You belong to a time and place that is full of worries, the love inside you isn’t just there for weekends, it’s there to lift you up always. As trite as it sounds, share your love today and you will feel stronger. That’s how it works.

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