Another New Week Begins

12596458_10207881271657077_1023758439_n                         Me and Aileen before eating my favorite Porky..


It’s Monday and another new week begins. Another chance to be you. You have made it this far in your lifetime, let’s see what you do with it. Let’s see what stories you leave behind for history. Let’s see how people are affected by your presence today. I heard one saying that people may not remember what we say, but how we make them feel.

I agree. How will you make people feel today? I’m having lunch with a friend of mine today. I want her to feel companionship and enthusiastic to continue, and that’s what she’ll help me to connect to. It’s an ancient tradition. When pictures of you are old and crumbled, somewhere someone will know the stories of how you made people feel. While you’re going through this day, remember that you are writing your legacy. Make it a great one.


Oops this is also before, sorry there was no picture captured after as we are full until we have forgotten………………………..;)

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