Be The Caring, Nice And Loving


Everyone has more than one personality. Our changes are subject to circumstances or situation. When I’m cranky and depressed, I’m not much fun to be around, but when I’m fecund and happy, I can be a very good company. Sometimes delight If I’m full of breakfast and exasperating right before that. Who we are fluctuating just like time on the earth. When I think about it, everything seems to have some give to it, except death. Someone you consider a jerk, might be someone else’s “Boo-Boo-Dumpling”. or “Sweetie’s face”. When someone is bothersome to me, I try to put myself in their place. Can I understand why they are like this or what made them bothersome? Even someone like Trump, or the people at his rallies. I see them and wonder what happened to them in early childhood that made them…..this way? I wonder about the love in someone’s life when all they do is preach hate. However awful the words coming from their mouths, I remind myself that they are also someone’s child. Someone gave birth to Trump, taught him about the world and life. Someone is behind all of us. Someone who gave us life. Let the person you express be worthy of a big love. If you have a choice about who you are today, be the caring, nice and loving. We all like that one best.

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