Welcome Back To The World

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash
This place is full of wonderful amazing things. Love, happiness, creativity, and excitement is all around you and so is difficulty. Every minute of a day on planet Earth finds someone or something in great pain or difficulty.We as humans are able to treat each other badly and we treat animals even worse. Life is brutal and beautiful. There are so many real reasons to get furious every day.
If you allow them to, the problems of the world will pull you down. You could spend your entire life angry and sad about all of the injustices out there but don’t.Being crushed by the weight of the world is a real thing. Yes, it’s our duties to help each other and the planet, but not at the cost of love and peace. Don’t get pulled under by the wrongs in life.

Do what you can about the causes you choose, and remember to give just as much to the things you love. The heart needs to sing.

Know that this place isn’t perfect, fight for what you believe in and save some of you for your life. Put the problems of the world down for a while and let yourself be free.
There is enough bad news in this world to keep you upset for the rest of your life, don’t let it.

Enjoy this day as I am.

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