Accept Yourself


Do you look like you think you look? When I look in the mirror, the very first thought has ALWAYS been “No, that’s not it.”

When I see myself I never recognize me. It’s gotten worse as I get older. I just don’t connect to the way I look. Never have. In my mind, I look different. Our sense of self is a tricky thing.

Visuals are so important and I’m the one person in my life that I usually don’t see. Body image, self-image, we decide what we’re seeing. The fashion and cosmetic industries want us to depend on them for our individuality. Billions of dollars are spent on us trying to look the way we want to feel. I have met someone who was a Zumba trainer and just graduating from law school, with a lousy sense of self. She felt worthless and ugly. I was shocked at how wrong her self-image was. I couldn’t blame her as sometimes I felt the same, but I came to the point and realized that I should be kind to myself, accept how we look like and that’s all we need to look like. A good way to be kind to yourself is to remember when getting ready to take shower in the morning, take our glasses off first. Accept ourself and love ourself if we want to be accepted and be loved. Check in with our sense of self.

New year, new attitude.

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